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PUCCA Etiquette - Bus Station 2

by PUCCA l 15-09-03 10:43

I'm comeback with Bus station etiquette.♥
Do you remember that about first Bus station etiquette?
First is Not to speak in a loud voice.
So, What are something this time in bus station?
Station name is Jegi-dong Hanshin Apartment >,<
<Please do not litter>
Look! The Litter hangs from the PUCCA!
So, Funny and cool~
Can you see that? The Can on a Chair ;-( (Sadㅠㅠ, You can never do this, right?)
If you have litter that put them in a your bag.
You know all thing?
Finally, I hope everyone have manner and etiquette.
So, See you next bus station!!^-^
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