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by PUCCA l 15-09-03 13:32

I'm coming with PUCCA DESIGN STORE!
2 weeks ago, I wrote about open PUCCA DESIGN STORE.
And Now.. OPEN!!!!^0^
Let's go inside!!
Sounds exciting, right?
Look! There is a bus and very many product on the table.
Oh my god! Pucca give a kiss to Garu!! (shy..>,<)
He is confused kk
Great Red PUCCA Bus!! It have Photozone >_<
Run Run~!!!! They drive a motorcycle. ♥ Look so friendly.
Store have colorful cups,
and sticker, ecobag, note.
Come on and look around  >_< ♥♥♥♥
Come and see me sometimes 'PUCCA DESIGN STORE'
You will meet miscellaneous goods and PUCCA and PUCCA's Friends.^^
Next time i will come that have  many big issue for you.
Bye Bye~~♥
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