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PUCCA, Train Store open in Myung-Dong!

by PUCCA l 14-11-17 10:42

PUCCA Train Store is opened in Myung-Dong, Seoul.
Like this~
Left side~ (Store style)
Right side~ (Dream Train)
This is real pictures~ 
Shoes repair shop has been re-decorated by the PUCCA!
Do you like it? haha
The owenr loves PUCCA, too.
Please come to the "Seoul, Together we stand"
PUCCA Notify of Seoul Information.
Isn't it looks like real train? I'm the landmark from this time!
The Christmas Gift will load into the baggage car of train.
Take a photo with PUCCA!
Many people gathered when the train emitting steam.
She said "Look at that! " 
Seoul will be changed with PUCCA. 
Please expect to see it!
Source : The Hankook Ilbo Reporter Son Young Suk stones@hk.co.kr
(Article : http://www.hankookilbo.com/v/9885b01a613b4886987ee384b2864545​)
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