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1. Collection of personal information items and method of collection.
Vooz Co., Ltd. is collecting below personal information for business inquiry and suggestion.
1. Collection items : Company name, name, department, phone number, email address
2. Purpose of personal information collection and use.
Vooz Co., Ltd. uses collected personal information for below purposes;
Confirmation of accurate information of companies and individuals inquiring and suggesting businesses through Pucca club (http://www.puccaclub.com)
3. Period of personal information retention and use.
1. Retention items: Company name, name, department, phone number, email address.
2. Retention legal basis : Duplicated application of business inquiry and suggestion. Prevention of cose on use.
3. Retention period: 3 years

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By clicking “Suggestion” button, you agree to below information.
Vooz Co., Ltd. handles your suggestion as external confidential information.
For Vooz Co., Ltd's approval and next steps on submitted company/individual suggestion, you will receive information through letter or phone call.
Please note if your suggestion is not approved, you may not receive any notification.